A lithium-iron-phosphate-based battery system supplied by Voltabox consists of three main elements:

Voltabox uses two different cell-configurations in its lithium-ion batteries:


The cylindrical (or round) cell so is, as its name suggests, a cylinder-shaped cell in a robust metal housing (known as a “hardcase”) designed both to prevent moisture from entering the cell and to stop corrosive chemicals leaking out in the opposite direction.

Voltabox uses 26650 cylindrical cells from A123 and K2 Energy with lithium-iron-phosphate technology:


The anode and cathode of the prismatic cell are divided by a separating foil and assembled to form part of the prismatic flat winding. This flat winding is enclosed in a robust metallic hardcase.

Voltabox uses prismatic lithium-NMC cells supplied by SAMSUNG: