Voltabox of Texas, Inc.


Voltabox deliberately selected Austin, Texas, the “Birth place of Lithium Phosphate Technology” as its base for developing the North American market. Various groundbreaking discoveries in the field of Li-ion technology originally took place at universities of the region, leading to the growth of firms that have developed and contributed to some outstanding infrastructure in this respect. Voltabox sees plenty of employee potential in this “Silicon Valley of the Battery”.

Voltabox of Texas, Inc., has assembled a highly experienced team of specialists to serve the United States and Canadian markets. A group of specialists, working on the basis of your specification profile, creates the corresponding customised application and provides support for system integration. The use of already-available modular elements allows flexible solutions to be created quickly and cost-effectively for the customer concerned.

Since June 15 we have opened up a 23,000 square feed administration and production facility in the Scottsdale Crossing Industrial Park, 1500 Volta Drive, Leander, TX 78641 near Austin, on a site totalling 6 acres in size. Cedar Park is by far the fastest-growing place in the whole of Texas.

The Cedar Park works will then begin turning out mass-produced Voltabox batteries on assembly lines identical to those found in at the Delbrück site, with the same maximised degree of automation and end-to-end process monitoring to guarantee optimum quality.



Klaus D. Frers, Management

After he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering Klaus Dieter Frers worked for AEG-Telefunken in Frankfurt/Main and Seligenstadt in several different positions.

From 1983 to 1987 he was in charge of Nixdorf Computer AG’s electronics manufacturing plant as production manager. In 1988 Mr. Frers founded paragon electronic GmbH and in 1999 paragon AG, in which paragon electronic GmbH merged after going public on the German Stock exchange. Mr. Frers received numerous awards for his entrepreneurial activities. In 2000 he was dignified with the “Oskar des Mittelstands”, a highly respected German award for medium-sized enterprises of the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation. In 2006 Mr. Frers received the nomination as “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young, as well as the distinction as “Premier” of the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation. In 2010 he received the “Kunststoff-Oscar” by the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) Europe for the innovative Belt-Mic.

As CEO of paragon AG Mr. Frers is responsible for business strategy and development, production, finances and human resources. In 2014 the division electric mobility was spun-off to the 100% subsidiary Voltabox Deutschland GmbH; in parallel, Voltabox of Texas in Austin, Texas, was founded. 2017 was been the change from Voltabox Deutschland GmbH in Voltabox AG. Voltabox of Texas is now the subsidiary from Voltabox AG. Mr. Frers is CEO of both companies. 

Rick Herndon, COO

Rick Herndon received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Northern Arizona University in 1989 and an Executive MBA from Loyola University of Chicago in 2004.

Mr. Herndon has worked in a variety of industries including metal fabrication, plastic injection molding, and electronics manufacturing. His career path has included positions in Quality, Operations, and Executive Management. Mr. Herndon has received a variety of awards and advanced professional certifications which include: American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Design Certification, American Society for Quality’s Certified Quality Engineer accreditation, and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Mr. Herndon joined a subsidiary of paragon AG located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2006 as its General Manager and served later as its CEO. In 2014, Mr. Herndon accepted the COO position of Voltabox of Texas, Inc., and moved to the Austin area where he currently resides.