Voltabox offers professional suppliers of complete photovoltaic systems the right system-enhancements to meet the very latest requirements: Buffer battery systems capable of increasing the proportion of useful power to 100%, even with self-generated solar energy.

Voltabox battery systems are based on the latest high-performing lithium-polymer storage cells for maximum service life and cycle stability. Their high efficiency and absence of maintenance translate into a highly-favourable cost-to-benefit ratio in day-to-day use.

These batteries are designed to be functional, intrinsically safe and environment-friendly. Integrated into the PV equipment on new systems, they can also be installed as add-on components of existing systems.

Voltabox battery systems are supplied ready-to-use and with their own integrated battery-management system (BMS) for permanent monitoring of cell voltages and temperatures, and for the balancing of differences in potential. They are reliable in operation, and thanks to their integrated interface, compatible with the most-common frequency converters of many reputable manufacturers. Extremely-long service life, maintenance-free design and high efficiency all contribute to a fast payback.