High system-availability for day-to-day operations, as demonstrated by the municipal trolleybuses of Geneva and Lucerne (Switzerland). The advantages of being equipped with Voltabox high-performance battery systems are clear, even with large vehicles and difficult terrain.

Our proactive climate-control system allows Voltabox batteries to work in all weathers; and year-round operation is guaranteed, without any appreciable effect on range or acceleration performance.

Thanks to their Voltabox batteries, trolleybuses that once depended completely on live overhead wires can now perform considerable impromptu extensions of their routes and serve other bus-stops. Our technology even makes possible “battery-only” operation in city centres, complementing the overhead wires on suburban and overland routes.

The advantages are obvious: outages in power supply and roadworks have no effect on public transport operations, and there are no on-board diesel-electric generation systems to create noise and CO2 emissions. Depot movements and shunting operations are also far simpler.

Similar scenarios can apply to public transport based on local trains and trams.

Voltabox high-performance battery systems are naturally also ideal for powering battery electric (BEV) and hybrid electric (HEV) buses. Corresponding scenarios can be found in the application.